This Is What It Feels Like - Accordi + testo - Armin van Buuren

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Testo e accordi di Armin Van Buuren  feat. Trevor Guthrie
Primo Capostasto

Em                    C        G
Nobody here knocking at my door

Em                    C            G
The sound of silence I cant take anymore

Em               C              G
Nobody ringing my telephone now

D        Em               C         G
Oh how I miss such a beautiful sound


      Em                  C          G       D
And I dont even know how I survive

       Em                      C            G
I wont make it to the shore without your light

     Em                   C     G
No I dont even know if Im alive

               Dm        Em
Oh, oh, oh without you now

C                    G
This is what it feels like


Em C G D